Saturday, 30 August 2008

DSTEMP homebrew update! #2

Just a reminder to make those r4 and EDGE/cyclo skins and submit them to our site by emailing them with the contact us page! :) And that the homebrew update will not be much frequesnt anymore (maybe once every 2 weeks :) )
Now to get on with the update:
PIXELMAN V92.9 (need pic here!!!)
The sprite editor (and maker) for ds, made by homebrew maker sylus 101 has been updated. Changelog:compliled with new community build 800823. Should fix issue with M3 Real cart (I hope).
There will be a little slider icon in the upper right. You can drag that down with the stylus to switch screens. Must drag it all the way or it'll snap back and not switch...
Buttonized most all options.
Made smaller top palette to utilize top screen more. Sprite shows on top screen instead of lower right of bottom screen.
Status bar on top displays some information about selections VERY INCOMPLETE, doesn't show much at all at the moment.
While screen is switched you can still select a color with the stylus. If you hold down on a color you will see a small colored box slide over to stylus position. You can then drag your selected color over another color to swap them. Will be adding option later to have the whole palette shift instead of doing a swap.
Tools on the bottom screen are just in order I added them and will be rearranged.
First icon is dropper or color select too. Self explanatory.
Next is bmp loader... read down for more detail on that...
Next is undo and redo. Redo (as with most apps) is reset after doing anything new.
Can undo about 8000 times... if you undo more than that it will dump about 4000 at the end of the undo list and shuffle the rest down. Doing a lot of fills on a larger sprite will cause you to see a message saying "cleaning undo list.."
Last is Fill, self explanatory. I'll be adding a, hold the button to stay in fill mode option soon.

WALLPAPER (need pic)
wallpaper is an application for ds that teaches polish (sounds interesting!) . It stands for: What About LLearning Polish lAnguage with Personal nativE speakeR?
Version: 0.1
Content: Very nice
- Stylus in menus
- D-pad in lessons
- L button - previous lesson
- R button - next lesson
- B button - go the previous screen
Installation: nothing hard - just unpack the WALLPAPER.rar and copy WALLPAPER.nds (slot-1 carts) or (slot-2 carts) to your flashcart - no more files! Everything in one.
Download: (sprite editor ds)
As a title says, a sprite editor for ds...I think its pretty good for an early version :)

Friday, 29 August 2008

Added new site tracker

WE decided to change the site statistic counter because it didn't look that good on the site :P All site statistics have been reset so don't panic :)
And a reminder that another homebrew update will be coming soon :D

Thursday, 28 August 2008

NEW FLASH BANNER!~pokemongalaxy

Once again, my awesome cousin has made a great banner, but this time flash! Check it out on the home page! link to flash (UPLOAD LOCATION)

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Added really great-looking banner

I would once again like to thank my awesome cousin for making this banner for dstemp! I think it's the best one yet!!!

more banners ~pokemongalaxy

2 new banners have been added to the homepage :) Please check them out, the themes are twewy and naruto :D I may be adding another one today ;)

Saturday, 23 August 2008

adding to antoligys post :)

Yes, thank you to all the flashcard companies and online stores for being so very kind. I\d also like to add on to that list:
1.The EDGE team, for giving us a sample of the EDGE FLASHCARD (slot1)
2.The SUPERCARD TEAM, for giving us a review sample of the sc ds one v3 (sdhc)

And some more stores: , who will probobly be providing to us a slot2 flashcard for review (its a secret about which card it is ;D ) , might be affiliating with them... , a great place who might be sending us ds and wii case mods!

And Antoligy is right, start making those r4 and EDGE skins! Here's some links to some easy skin makers:
for r4:
THEN send those skins to : , or use the contact form on the site! We will give you full credit :)

September update

As the september update approaches, we are working hard on updates, and contacting flashcard teams and dealers.
So to keep you occupied, here is a list of the flashcard teams and how kind we think they are:
1. Acekard Team, sent us samples even when there was only one review, thankyou guys.
2. Team Cyclops, they didn;t provide samples. So instead they pointed us in the direction of some stores.
3. Team EZ. They didn't sand us samples, and didn;t even see our message for a few months. But thankyou for the kind reply.
4. Team M3, We were negociating with them, when they stopped communicating... Still waiting...
5. Team KGBDS, they didn't even reply, they havn't released a flashcard yet, but that is just mean.

The other people we contacted were stores, so we can tell you a couple:
Dealwoot, our main providers, they provided severeal samples.
Bamboogaming, our secondary suppliers, only one sample sent yet, but more are gonna be sent in a while!

we are looking for some skinners to make us a couple of R4 skins...

Homebrew news, Update 1.

Ok, PokemonGalaxy gave me this idea with his last post:
Ok, We're gonna do weekly updates on homebrews, and firmwares.

FretFury (really good!):
This is a project that has entered the GBAtemp homebrew bounty.
Its FretFury for DS... Good idea because GuitarHero Ontour didn;t support custom songs (or play without a guitar grip) If you don;t have a Guitar grip, do not fear! There is a version that allows play WITHOUT the guitar grip (with the buttons)

PokeDexDS (reeeaaaally good!):
Ok this is pure bias, cause I'm working on it. Its a pokedex for DS.. the links are coming soon, but here is the topic on GBAtemp. Words alone cannot discribe it, so you'll have to make do with a link (honestly, I'm not joking!)
The current website (may change) is

Video Game Hero:
It beat FretFury to the chase, and was a suprise to us all! IT is just like Guitar Hero, but you can only play music from games, nice choice though (Final Fantasy LoZ Metroid ect...)
Check it out!

A pretty good idea! Allows you to read the bible on your DS!
Dowload here:

Paint black DS: A nice program, like colors, but more for Pixel Art. Very complete looking!
Download Here:

A Program that allows you to test your knowloage of the japanese characters (as in the written language)
Download Here:

[Screenies needed!]
A multi-cart browser for the DS, 'nuff said

[we need a screenie here too!]

A Brainfuck interpreter for DS, still waiting for a lolcode interpreter for Ds...
anyway, if you wanna know what brainfuck is, wikipedia:

A rubiks cube for DS
Download here:

Inside the Macine:
Platorming game for DS, I tried it and like it... kinda random...

UApaint DS:
Another paint program for DS... Try it!
Download: (google search, you need to be logged into all the available downloads, sorry!)

a remake of the steam game "portal" for DS.

sunOL DS:
A handy program for DS, that lets you view the release list! I like it!

A chess program for DS, YAY FOR CHESS!
Download here:

Ok! They are the BEST homebrews from both the NeoFlash Summer Coding comp 2008
And the GBAtemp Homebrew bounty (also some just around the net!)

Friday, 22 August 2008

Really good new homebrew~video games hero!

Just thought I should mention this as I was waiting for this for a long time.
The official website for the game is up here : ,here's a short description from the official site: "VideoGamesHero brings you homebrew action at it's best - offering lasting fun and challenging action with over 65 Songs, 5 Game modes, Motion Card and Guitar Grip support, there is something for everyone!"
Sounds pretty good, huh?
Download it here

EDIT BY ANTOLIGY: Actually we're doing a homebrew update thing weekly now! So you didn't need to post it... (DAMN I WAS ON THE HIGH SCORES FOR ONLY 10 MINS...)

New banner made by Antoligy!

THank you Antoligy for making the "dstemp user" banner!

New photoshop (professional) banners and button~pokemongalaxy

Check em out! They're on the homepage. I would like to thank my awesome cousin for making them :)
EDIT BY ANTOLIGY: HAHAHAHA ADMIN PRIVILAGES! Anyways, you screwed up my UserBar, it got stretched... And.. I'm making a "proper" button

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Well as our staff member Antoligy says, we will be having double reviews, actually, we may both be doing COMPLETE reviews, so you readers will see 2 different points of views! The cyclods will be the first to have this feature :D THank you VERY MUCH dealwoot and bamboogaming for offering samples :)


Well, our site has decided to do double reviews, which will affect ALL reviews, so someone else will add a "summarised" version of the review, with ONLY with basics.

And, we can confirm that will be new reviews for: CycloDS (Thanks to Dealwoot!),
the EZflash V Plus (Thankyou Bamboogaming)

I do actually recomend these sites, (And not because they are sending samples!)
These sites have among the higest response times I have ever seen!

In terms of the september update, we will have:
1. Flashcard Firmwares
2. New skins
3. A recomended DS game section
4. Double Reviews
5. A better RSS feed thing

And if you want something added, then please send in your comments!

Friday, 15 August 2008


Dstemp appears to be down right now...
Funny, I can't find anything to do with it..

Thursday, 14 August 2008


We've decided to do the update early.
This is the new news section, that we can update via email (haha no need to log in again!)
So. My M3 Real and Games n Music reviews are going up tonight, and I'm getting more samples from Dealwoot, bamboogaming and techwizad.