Friday, 19 June 2009

Zombieville USA iPhone App Review

My Review:

A+, Addicting Awesomeness!

This awesome shoot em up ipod touch app lets you tear through an intermediate looking neighborhood with a wide variety of boom sticks that support transform the undead hordes into piles of mush.

I really wish this game had a melee attack. While easy to learn and fun, the game chugs whenever too a lot of foes clog the screen. Just keep that in mind as you wander the streets. It's harder than a peach pit, but with a small exercise, you'll burn, blow up and shoot hundreds of monsters in no time. Acquiring these toys, nonetheless, will take a large total of patience and a great deal of skill.

Zombieville usa casts you as a hat/vest wearing good old boy (known in galore circles as a redneck) charged with slaughtering hordes of the undead. ) you can't take damage inside someone's home and b. To keep out of the way of getting lunch, you can either blow their brains out or duck into a house. Completing a level is as simple as walking from point a to point b, but it takes further than fast feet to outlive. Zombies randomly pop up from the reason and in spite of their slow movements, can rapidly gang up on you.

It's likewise one of the goriest games we've seen, with a great deal of exploding heads; you'll love mowing down waves of zombies and observing their brains fly through the air. We'd love to see a knife attack in a future update. Unless zombies make you squeamish, you'll take delight in visiting zombieville usa. Of all the zombie games on iphone, zombieville usa is one of the most pleasurable. a+.

altho it is having fixed 2-d scenery, zombieville usa is one of the iphone's most attractive video games. small touches, like the shotgun's kickback and the animation that occurs whenever a zombie bursts through the sidewalk, add to the charm. Its stylish graphics, addictive gameplay and galore weapons have made it one of our favored games and yet another reason why owning an iphone is a smart idea. whether or not you run out of ammo, there's no way to dodge zombies or push them off you; the game forces you to take damage. Doing the latter is a good idea since a.

Designed by kelli noda, this $2. Backgrounds feature a glowing full moon, a landscape dotted with trees, galore houses and a great deal of zombies to blast. To play, merely press the left and right arrows on the screen to move in those directions and tap the bottom of the screen to fire. You commence the game with a pistol and, through killing foes and entering homes, earn sufficient cash to purchase 14 other weapons, a delightful list that includes a shotgun, automatic rifle, flamethrower, bazooka and even a chainsaw. This makes rapid fire with the pistol much too difficult and leaves you wide open to attack.

As you progress through the game, the zombies become more unmanageable to kill, so it's best to employ the earlier levels to demolish as a lot of creatures as possible so that you can pick up a superior weapon; by level 5, the pistol is closely useless. ) you'll pick up money or ammo.

And ps: my record is lvl 13 beat that!